Hillary Coloring Book


The Hillary Coloring Book offers you pages and pages of funny scenarios with the former first lady.  Hours of coloring fun for the recipient! This make a great stocking stuffer of gag gift for your coworker, family or friend. Get a second one for yourself to enjoy during some downtime.

Bernie Sanders Unicorn Tshirt

bernie unicorn tshirt

Bernie Sanders unicorn Tshirt.  Bernie is riding a unicorn under a magical rainbow. It reads BERNIE SANDERS IS MAGICAL. See all our political funny gifts with Trump, Hillary, Bernie and more!

Trump Coloring Book Funny Political Gift

trump coloring book

Donald Trump coloring book.  Superman Trump is portrayed on Mt. Rushmore, greeting aliens and playing Battleship with world leaders. Awesome. See all our funny political gifts featuring Trump, Bernie, Hillary and more!

Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker

hillary clinton nut cracker

Hillary Clinton nut cracker. Fantastic funny political gift with a 9 inch tall Hillary Clinton that’s able to crack nuts with ease.

Hillary Laughing Pen

hillary laughing pen

Hillary Clinton laughing pen funny gift. The mouth really moves! Check our all our funny political themed gifts.

Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper

hillary clinton toilet paper

Hillary Clinton toilet paper for all your wiping needs. Check out all of our funny political themed gifts.

Trump Toilet Paper

trump toilet paper

Dump with Trump! Wipe with style with Trump toilet paper. Check out all our funny political gift ideas.

President Obama Christmas Sweatshirt

Looking for a funny alternative to an ugly Christmas sweater? President Obama looks very festive in a Santa Hat and holiday message.

First Lady of Fashion Magnetic Dress Up

Funny gift for all those Michelle Obama fans – it’s a magnetic dress up kit. Michelle Obama’s mix n’ match magnetic wardrobe. Put it on the fridge and get in on all the fashion fun.

President Obama with Magnetic Wardrobe

Dress up President Obama in all kinds of ways in this magnetic collection of funny outfits and accessories. Stick him on the fridge and have some fun. Includes  HOPE bling, lucha mask, surf shorts and loads more!

I am America (Stephen Colbert)

Stephen Colbert (from the higly funny Colbert Report) gives all his opinions that he didn’t have time to get into his nightly broadcast.

Bill Clinton Corkscrew

Wow. A Bill Clinton Corkscrew.  Made from heavy plastic and metal and stands 9 x 2 x 5 inches (HxDxW).