Schwetty Balls – Golf Balls – Left and Right

schwetty balls golf two pack

Two pack of Schwetty Balls golf balls, labeled L and R. Funny gift for a golfer! From the Schweddy Balls skit on SNL, one of the funniest of all time.

Doody Head Game – Velcro Poop Hat Game

velcro poop hat game

Doody Head Game is a hat with loads of velcro and poopy looking throw toys. Pass these hats out around the table and see who can get the most doody on someone’s head.

Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper

hillary clinton toilet paper

Hillary Clinton toilet paper for all your wiping needs. Check out all of our funny political themed gifts.

Trump Toilet Paper

trump toilet paper

Dump with Trump! Wipe with style with Trump toilet paper. Check out all our funny political gift ideas.

Weener Cleaner Soap

Weener cleaner soap. Great gift for your skanky guy.

Brass Balls Key Ring

brass balls keyring

Brass balls key ring. Just what your guy needs.

Camo Toilet Seat with 3D Camouflage

Make your redneck man happy with a camo toilet seat for the bathroom. It’s 3D and it’s fabulous.

Butt Face Soap

butt face soap

Don’t be mixing up your soap. Make it clear to your man and your guests what to use where. Get matching towels too!

I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats Book

Quirky funny poems by cats. Sort of. It’s a hilarious tongue in cheek book of funny cat poetry.

Public Toilet Survival Kit

gag gift public toilet survival kit

Public toilet phobia? This on-the-go kit has a toilet seat cover, antiseptic wipes, and disposable gloves. All in a convenient tin travel case. Be safe while you travel.

No Farting Zone Funny Sign

No Farting Zone metal street sign. It’s 12 x 8 inches, has pre-drilled holes and is all set for hanging in your home or dorm.

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

talking toilet paper spindle

Record (and re-record) your own message on this toilet paper spindle, then watch the fun.  Includes on/off switch so you can scare your poker buddies, but turn it off when grandma visits.