Pot Head Marijuana Mardi Gras Beads

green plastic marijana bead necklace pot head

Festive green plastic marijuana leaf bead necklace. They even glow in the dark. Funny gift for your pot head loved one to bring to Madi Gras.

Pot Head Adult Wig

marijuana wig

This pot head wig with marijuana leaves all over makes a great Halloween costume, or camouflage when working in the fields. A funny gift for the pot head in your life.

Pothead Mask for Halloween (or Anytime)

Here’s a little something for the pothead who has everything. A pothead mask for Halloween, or to wear anytime you’re playing dress up.

Marijuana Stoner Trivia: Game for Potheads

trivia game with quesitons about marijuana

What to get the pothead in your life to really boost his sense of self worth and intelligence? How about a trivia game devoted exclusively to testing your knowledge of all things related to marijuana! Perfect.

F in Exams: Wrong Test Answers

‘F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers’ showcases the funny answers that students write on tests when they have no idea what the real answer is.  There are 250 entries in this funny book of exam fails.

Drinking Helmet Hat

This drinking helmet hat holds two cans of soda or beer. All kinds of uses from adults drinking beer at the football games, to kids drinking soda in the yard.  Ridiculous and funny!

Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots

More than 1400 recipes for shots, shooters, and slammers. Highlights include the Body Shot, Jello Shot, and Tequila Slammer. The go-to book on shots.

Loaded Kings Drinking Card Game

Easy to play Loaded Kings card drinking game. Comes with 54 waterproof cards and instructions. Party icebreaker. Cards have standard suits & pips so can be used for other card games as well.

Red Cup Koozie

Keep your canned drink cold with a red cup Koozie.

Beer Bottle or Can Hip Holster

You’ll have hands free tailgating, gambling, fishing or whatever else you do when you wear this beer bottle hip holster. Fits cans or bottles. Clip allows you to wear it with or without a belt. There’s even a pocket for your ID and cash.  Get two for two-fers.

Redneck Camo 6 Pack Beer & Soda Can Holder Belt

Don’t have 6 hands? No worries. This redneck camo drink holder belt can hold up to 6 cans or bottles of your favorite brewski or soda. Quick snap buckle with adjustable belt strap.

Beer Pong Balls

For the beer pong player who just cant seem to keep his balls clean. Here’s a box of 432 washable beer pong balls.