Sun-Staches Mustache Sunglasses as seen on Shark Tank

sun stach sunglasses with mustach from shark tank

Mustache sunglasses as seen on Shark Tank.   Mustache sunglasses for men and women in a a ton of awesome styles. Perfect for stache-less humans.

Darth Vader Bobble – Head

This Darth Vader bobble-head is made from sturdy PVC plastic and has a sturdy base. And it bobbles.

Sweater Cookie Cutter for Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

christmas sweater cookie cutter

This sweater shaped cookie cutter is PERFECT for making cookies for an ugly Christmas sweater party!

Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter movie ‘A Christmas Story’

Have a few laughs with your Christmas cookies this year!  From the movie ‘A Christmas Story’, here’s a leg lamp cookie cutter.

Mustache Earrings

Hipsters: don’t leave home without these. Mustache earrings – for the holidays and beyond.

Mustache Bandages

Cut your lip shaving? No one will ever know.

3 Pair Mustache Sunglasses

Three pair of Mustache Sunglasses: The handlebar, the fu-manchu, and the classic. Score!

Yoda Coffee Mug

Yoda coffee mug. Look at his cute green face every morning with your latte. Or, put your pencils in it.

Hello Kitty Coffee Mug

hello kitty coffee mug

Hello Kitty coffee mug for your morning latte or to hold your pencils.

Yoda Bobble – Head

What can you get a Star Wars fan who has everything? How about a Yoda Bobble Head? Bwahaha

Mustache Ring

An adjustable resin mustache ring: When you’re not quite ready for the commitment of giving an engagement ring, this just might do the trick.

Ugly Christmas Themed Tshirt

Too cheap to buy an Ugly Christmas sweater? Or, just don’t want to sweat like a dog wearing wool? This is for you!