Schwetty Balls – Golf Balls – Left and Right

schwetty balls golf two pack

Two pack of Schwetty Balls golf balls, labeled L and R. Funny gift for a golfer! From the Schweddy Balls skit on SNL, one of the funniest of all time.

SNL – 1st Season DVD Set

Complete 1st season DVD set from Saturday Night Live (1975-76). Skits include Land Shark, Samurai Hotel, and Chevy Chase inpersonating Gerald Ford.

Saturday Night Live – 2nd Season DVD Set

saturday night live second season dvd set collection

The complete 2nd season from Saturday Night Live  (1976-77) with the histerically funny orignal cast. Skits include Coneheads,   Mr. Bill,  Samurai Stockbroker,  and Nick the Lounge Singer.

Saturday Night Live: Best of Chris Farley

Saturday Night Live DVD – Best of Chris Farley includes classic skits of Chris playing motivational speaker Matt Foley and one of the all time great skits: Chris as a Chippendale dancer along side Patrick Swayze.

The Blues Brothers (DVD)

Enjoy music from Ray Charles, James Brown and more while laughing at this action packed 1980 movie starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd from SNL.  This 25th anniversary edition includes bonus extra footage.