trump toilet paper
sun stach sunglasses with mustach from shark tank
Pie Face Game
brass balls keyring
inflatable unicorn horn hat for cat
weed money coin purse

Welcome to I Need a Funny Gift.  We have found the best funny gifts and gag gifts for all the fun people in your life. Gifts for your husband, wife, child or coworker. We’re featuring funny political gifts including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders themed items. If you’re looking for something cheap, check out our farts and potty gag gifts that are ridiculously perfect. Got a geek in your life? Our funny geek gifts include electronics, shot glasses and clothing, featuring Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Pac Man themes to name a few. Use the drop down arrows (above) to find a funny gift for a pothead or redneck. If you want something for your friend the crazy cat lady or dog lover, check out our funny pet owner gifts. We’ve found funny gifts for your favorite comedy shows, movies and reality TV series like Walking Dead, Saturday Night Live and Trailer Park Boys. We’ve got you covered for the holidays too – whether it’s Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts or a funny gift for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Man Bottle Opener

naughty man bottle opener

The Happy Man Bottle opener will open your bottle with style and bring loads of laughs to your party or dinner table. Great gift for friends, family, or office.

Bernie Sanders Unicorn Tshirt

bernie unicorn tshirt

Bernie Sanders unicorn Tshirt.  Bernie is riding a unicorn under a magical rainbow. It reads BERNIE SANDERS IS MAGICAL. See all our political funny gifts with Trump, Hillary, Bernie and more!

Calm the F-CK Down Adult Coloring Book

adult coloring book

Funny adult coloring book Calm the F-CK down.  Laugh your way through this irreverent adult coloring book. Makes a funny gift for your parents, coworkers, girlfriends and just about anyone with a sense of humor.

Mustache Pacifier for Baby

mustache pacifier

Mustache pacifier for baby will keep you laughing all day long. Keep your baby happy with this hysterically funny pacifier with a mustache theme. Funny baby shower gift that will be a favorite for new parents.

Crafting with Cat Hair


Do you have a friend who’s house is covered in cat hair? This book will show them how to make handicrafts out of all those fur balls. Hysterically funny gift for cat lovers.

Nose Aerobics Game – Glasses and Ball

Nose Aerobics Glasses Ball Game

Nose Aerobics eyeglasses and swinging ball game is fun for the whole family. Hand them out at your family function or party to get the laughter started.

Trump Coloring Book Funny Political Gift

trump coloring book

Donald Trump coloring book.  Superman Trump is portrayed on Mt. Rushmore, greeting aliens and playing Battleship with world leaders. Awesome. See all our funny political gifts featuring Trump, Bernie, Hillary and more!

Walking Dead Daryl Action Figure with Motorcycle

walking dead daryl figure

Walking Dead Daryl figure with motorcycle. Vinyl figure on his ride that’s great for home or office. Collect all your favorites. See all our Walking Dead gift ideas.

Doody Head Game – Velcro Poop Hat Game

velcro poop hat game

Doody Head Game is a hat with loads of velcro and poopy looking throw toys. Pass these hats out around the table and see who can get the most doody on someone’s head.

Never Have I Ever Game

never have i ever game

Never Have I Ever game as see on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Relive life’s funny, embarrassing and awkward moments with your friends. Win points from those things in your life that seemed like a terrible idea at the time.


Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker

hillary clinton nut cracker

Hillary Clinton nut cracker. Fantastic funny political gift with a 9 inch tall Hillary Clinton that’s able to crack nuts with ease.

Game of Thrones Playing Cards

game of thrones playing cards

Game of Thrones playing cards. Love the show? You’ll love this gift set of playing cards. Check out all our Game of Thrones gift ideas.

Squirrel Butt and Head Tree Decoration

squirrel butt and head gag gift

Know someone who goes crazy with squirrels in their yard? This squirrel head and butt set will bring them loads of fun.

Camo Toilet Paper Funny Camouflage Bathroom

camo toilet paper funny redneck gift

Stock your hunting camp or redneck bathroom with camo toilet paper. Funny camouflage patterned 3-ply toilet paper.

Budweiser Beer Can Man Room Lights


Tell your neighbors where the party is with this indoor/outdoor set of Budweiser can lights! Man Room decor, or Christmas fun.

Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper

hillary clinton toilet paper

Hillary Clinton toilet paper for all your wiping needs. Check out all of our funny political themed gifts.

Beer Pong Table – Pick Your Graphic!


Beer pong table with awesome graphics. 8 foot long with bottle opener. Choose your graphic!

Trailer Park Boys Bobble Heads


Ricky, Bubbles and Julian from the Trailer Park Boys come alive as bobble heads. Check out all the Trailer Park Boys Gifts.

WTF? Red Self Inking Stamp


WTF?  Red Self inking stamp. Great for home, office, or on-the-go. Think of the possibilities!

WineRack Sports Bra Beverage Storage


Looking for hands free beverage storage? The WineRack sports bra holds 25 ounces of your beverage of choice. Comes with a removable polyurethane bladder.

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

Hand Santizer Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer. A great gag gift for that special someone. Get one for your guest bathroom for some laughs.

Schwetty Balls – Golf Balls – Left and Right

schwetty balls golf two pack

Two pack of Schwetty Balls golf balls, labeled L and R. Funny gift for a golfer! From the Schweddy Balls skit on SNL, one of the funniest of all time.

Go Plate – Holds Drink & Food


Got a buddy who never has enough hands for all the food he’s eating while swilling on a beer? This ‘Go Plate’ will hold the bottle (or  can, or red Solo cup) in the middle and loads of food all around. Score.

Red Cup Koozie

red cup koozie

Keep your canned drink cold with a red cup Koozie.