The commander's kitchen miss kay's cookbook from duck dynasty
set of 2 camo wine glasses
inflatable unicorn horn hat for cat
nose pencil sharpener
happy bottleopener
weed money coin purse

Welcome to I Need a Funny Gift

Naughty Reindeer Christmas Sweater


Funny ugly Christmas sweater with naughty humping reindeer. Festive and tacky tun.

Camo Toilet Paper Funny Camouflage Bathroom

camo toilet paper funny redneck gift

Stock your hunting camp or redneck bathroom with camo toilet paper. Funny camouflage patterned 3-ply toilet paper.

Freezable Beer Pong Rack Set – 2 Racks, Balls, Rules

freezable beer pong rack

Keep your beer cold for hours with this set of TWO freezable beer pong racks. Includes 2 racks, 3 balls, and rules.

Squirrel Butt and Head Tree Decoration

squirrel butt and head gag gift

Know someone who goes crazy with squirrels in their yard? This squirrel head and butt set will bring them loads of fun.

Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder

butt tape

Wondering what to get that special someone at work?  Funny desk accessory that will hold your paper clips, pens and tape.  The paperclips are stored under the butt, in the toilet seat base.

Budweiser Beer Can Man Room Lights


Tell your neighbors where the party is with this indoor/outdoor set of Budweiser can lights! Man Room decor, or Christmas fun.

Beer Pong Table – Pick Your Graphic!

beer pong table

Beer pong table with awesome graphics. 8 foot long with bottle opener. Choose your graphic!

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

camera coffee mug

Have a little technology with your coffee with this camera lens coffee mug. There’s even a lens cap cover.


Obama Toilet Paper


Love him or hate him, this is pretty funny.  Show your support (or not) with Presidential Obama Toilet Paper.

WTF? Red Self Inking Stamp


WTF?  Red Self inking stamp. Great for home, office, or on-the-go. Think of the possibilities!

WineRack Sports Bra Beverage Storage


Looking for hands free beverage storage? The WineRack sports bra holds 25 ounces of your beverage of choice. Comes with a removable polyurethane bladder.

Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

ryucs cover

Funny book with over 200 photos of people and pets in their Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Stocking stuffer, gift, or for your coffee table. Looking for something to get people at work? The mailman? Strangers? This is it.

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

Hand Santizer Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

“Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” Hand Sanitizer. A great gag gift for that special someone.

Annoy-a-tron Noise Maker


Easy to hide annoy-a-tron is a small device that give off annoying beeps at random intervals. Hide it and watch the fun as your roommate or co-worker gets annoyed. Hence, the name.

The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set

the ex

Whimsical 5-piece knife set is a funny alternative to the boring block of wood.  Knives are heady-gauge stainless-steel.  Also available in black.

Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Box of Emergency Underpants

Underpants make hilarious gag gifts. Tissue paper sized box of ‘Emergency Underpants’ with several pairs of disposable underpants.

Red Cup Koozie

red cup koozie

Keep your canned drink cold with a red cup Koozie.

Marijuana Hemp Leaf Toaster


Your pot head friend will love this toaster that puts an image of a marijuana leaf on their toast or bread.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


We all know a crazy cat lady. She’ll find a friend in this funny gift: Crazy Cat Lady action figure comes with 6 cats. It’s a starter set.

Coil Poo Pillow


If you can’t get a laugh from this gift, something is seriously wrong. This coil poo pillow is 18 x 18 x 24 inches big (about four feet coiled up)  and is sure to be a hit. Perfect for a guest room.

Go Plate – Holds Drink & Food


Got a buddy who never has enough hands for all the food he’s eating while swilling on a beer? This ‘Go Plate’ will hold the bottle (or  can, or red Solo cup) in the middle and loads of food all around. Score.

Gun Mug – Pistol Shaped

gun mug

This ceramic pistol shaped gun mug  makes a funny gift for your boss, hubby, friend, or relative. Novelty funny gift for that hard to buy for person.

Beard Head Hat and Beard All-in-One


Don’t leave home without your beard this winter. Wear it to walk the dog or to go skiing. Funny and warm!

Canned Unicorn Meat

Canned Unicorn Meat

For the Unicorn lovers. Or haters. Not to worry, there’s not real unicorn meat in the can. Easily open the bottom to find a  dismembered stuffed unicorn.